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Looking for some cute Guinea Pig Items and want to benefit The Critter Corral? Check out the following sites:

Guinea Pig Market
Cafepress Store

Paint in Four Paws
Adopt A Pet
Cavy Madness

Small Pet Select
(use coupon code CRITTERCORRAL)

sleeping bagsSleeping Bags...These are the perfect things for people with small children or those piggies that can't sit still. Many different colors and patterns are available.
(Machine washable)
Medium 11" $10 (plus $3.95 shipping)
Large 14" $15 (plus $3.95 shipping)

whiteribbon and blue ribbon

"I Love My Guinea Pig" and "Adopt a Guinea Pig" magnet ribbons are now available cost is $10.00 plus $1.25 for shipping.


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