Pet Care Tips

Feeding your guinea pig friend

It's important to feed your guinea pig a high quality diet. Including pellets and hay. Below are a couple of links to places we have found which we feel have great products (and they support our rescue too!)

KM's Hayloft

Oxbow Hay

Small Pet Select (Timothy Hay For Rabbits - Guinea Pigs - Chinchillas)

Medical Conditions

GuineaLynx is a source of many medical conditions that guinea pigs can get or have. PLEASE if you are not sure what is wrong with your guinea pig take it to a vet that works with exotics. If you don't have an exotic vet try checking The House Rabbit Society website or check out our list of vets.

Guinea Pig Behaviors

Visit Cavyspirit to see things relating to guinea pig ownership and put many of the fallacies to rest (such as 2 males will always fight)

Need a cage?

See how you can build a large cage inexpensively, check out